Rotary Scrapers for Bulk Material Handling

Rotary Scrapers

Fertilizers are commonly manufactured as prills. AMECO Group’s flat or conical Rotary Scrapers are designed to efficiently reclaim fertilizer prills from the bottom of Prilling Towers.

AMECO Group is the global leader for the supply of Rotary Scrapers, delivering its Bulk Handling equipment to fertilizer production plants around the world, in countries such as Mexico, France, India and Indonesia.

Rotary Scrapers are used in the Fertilizer Industry, where fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, urea and NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) are commonly manufactured as prills. Prills are formed by allowing drops of a melted prill substance to congeal or freeze in mid-air after dripping from the top of a tall Prilling Tower.

Prilling Tower Scrapers are composed of a structural boom with scraping blades that rotate around a central point.

The rotation movement concentrates the granulated urea spread over the circular surface of the base. It then goes into a discharge point leading to the downstream Conveyor.


AMECO Group can provide 2  types of Rotary Scrapers

Flat Prilling Tower Reclaimers

When the base of the Prilling Tower is flat, the Reclaimer Boom is horizontally laid. The discharge leading to the downstream Conveyor is usually located along a line that crosses the Prilling Tower base.

Conical Prilling Tower Reclaimers

The discharge point to the downstream Conveyor is located at the center of the Prilling Tower base. The boom of the Reclaimer adjusts to the tower floor by adopting the same angle. This enables the urea prills to be conducted to this central point, discharging them to a downstream Conveyor by means of a chute.

Conical Rotary Scraper

Conical Rotary Scraper for urea