Fertilizers Industry


It is no coincidence that our Storage Systems and Shiploaders are used worldwide in fertilizer plants given AMECO’s extensive experience in the Potash Mining Industry.

AMECO’s origins lie in the fertilizer and mining industry. Part of the Alsatian potash mines at its foundation in 1932, AMECO went from supplying maintenance services, to delivering conveyors, and equipment for their bulk handling material needs.

Shiploaders and Stockyards

To this day, the fertilizer industry is an important market for AMECO. Our stockyard solutions and shiploaders are able to handle a wide range of solid fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen fertilizers (e.g. ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea)
  • Phosphorus fertilizers (e.g. phosphate rock, superphosphate)
  • Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) fertilizers
  • Potassium fertilizers (e.g. potassium chloride, potassium sulfate)
  • Sulfur fertilizers (e.g. calcium sulfate/gypsum)

Control your harmful emissions with AMECO

The fertilizer industry is known for its strict environmental regulations. These regulations are mainly focused on limiting harmful emissions.

AMECO’s indoor storage solutions aid fertilizer manufacturers to control such emissions and thus comply with regulations. We offer solutions for both longitudinal and circular stockyards.

Reclaimer for urea

AMECO Reclaimer for urea in Azerbaijan