Reclaimer for Bulk Material Handling


When large volumes of bulk material need to be temporarily stored between individual plant process steps, AMECO’s reclaimers are your perfect solution for longitudinal stockyards in outdoor or indoor settings.




AMECO Scraper Reclaimers are Bulk Material Handling equipment used in several industries to collect and redistribute bulk material from temporary storage constituted by stacks or piles.

How do AMECO Reclaimers work?

Reclaiming of Bulk Material is achieved through a Scraper arm long enough to reach across the bulk pile. Then, a chain system equipped with blades or buckets rotates, scraping the surface of the pile and removing material from the pile onto a Belt Conveyor.

Do you need temporary storage?

AMECO’s Longitudinal Stockyards are the perfect solution when large volumes of bulk material need to be temporarily stored between individual plant process steps. These systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.






Portal Scraper

Portal Reclaimers (PS1 / PS2) have been historically the star product of AMECO since 1932. We have strong knowledge in this type of longitudinal stockyard and our Reclaimers are handling a broad range of bulk materials, e.g. woodchips, urea, ammonium nitrates, coal, gypsum, iron ores.

The Portal Scraper is usually used as a bulk material buffer store in a production line. The store operates with stockpiles placed in line. While building up one pile, another pile is being reclaimed. We have more than 400 operating references working all around the world.

AMECO Portal Reclaimers can be installed inside or outside a storage building. Our single boom Portal Reclaimer (PS1) is the typical choice for outdoor applications. The Scraper arm is long enough to reach across the pile for this type of machine.

For indoor applications, our double-boom Portal Reclaimer (PS2) provides the advantage of being more compact. For this type of longitudinal stockyard, the highest point of the installation is the portal structure.




Semi-Portal Scraper

Semi-Portal Scrapers (SPS) are a variation of Portal Reclaimers where one of the traveling portal trucks is installed on the top of a retaining wall. This machine is mainly used in power plants for materials like limestone, coal, and gypsum.

The Semi-Portal Reclaimer offers the advantage of being very compact. Combining two of these Longitudinal Stockyards on opposite sides of the same wall, storage for two kinds of bulk materials can be achieved inside the same building.




Semi Portal Scraper







Side Scraper

The Side Scraper (SS) is a Travelling Reclaimer. This longitudinal stockyard solution prevents more cohesive materials, such as potash and its by-products, from being disturbed by atmospheric conditions.




3D Drawing: Portal Reclaimer combined with a Stacker

AMECO Reclaimers can also be combined with a Stacker, creating a full storage system. Our Stackers use slewing, luffing, and travelling movements to create piles with as least dust emission as possible. AMECO machines can be specially adapted in order to be able to work with corrosive, abrasive, or very humid materials.




Side scraper stacker