AMECO Group launches its YouTube channel to showcase its material handling installations


AMECO Group has launched its YouTube channel to make it easier than ever for our prospects and partners to see our shiploaders, reclaimers, and stockyards installations around the world thanks to videos that highlight them in action.

You can watch the channel and make sure to subscribe here.

The channel highlights videos about AMECO Group‘s shiploaders, reclaimers, and stockyards installations around the world, organized in playlists for those interested in power generation, cement, and pulp industries among others.

Here are some of our favorites videos for you to enjoy, comment, and share:

You can follow along with the AMECO Group team as it gets ready to handoff a reclaimer at a power plant – starting from the pre-launch inspection….

…to the pressing of the start button 

all the way to the actual reclaiming….

and even in fast-motion too!



You can also put a face on some of our team members thanks to our latest recruitment video about the AMECO Group team below


“We know that prospects and clients appreciate when AMECO Group does more than just talking about our expertise but also show our shiploaders, reclaimers and circular stockyards in action,” said Stephane Killian, AMECO Group CEO. “This is why we made a choice to share videos shot by our own team as to best emphasize our know-how in delivering custom and lightweight machines. I believe that our newly launched YouTube channel alongside our recently launched Spanish version and upcoming Brazilian Portuguese version of our website will greatly meet the needs of our prospects looking for information on our company.”


About AMECO Group

AMECO Group, headquartered in Illfurth, France, designs and builds custom bulk handling equipment to demanding customers around the world.  Since 1932, AMECO has offered a full line of stackers, reclaimers, Shiploaders and Blending systems for handling all types of bulk material.

Our teams design the machines according to specifications of each customer and then ensures the manufacturing, monitoring, and on-site assembly. Throughout the life of the machine, we provide high-quality spare parts as well as expert maintenance support, either remotely or directly on site.

AMECO Group has more than 300 references on every continent in the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Power Generation, and Co-Generation Industries with our Shiploaders handling bulk materials in major ports and harbors worldwide.




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