Power Generation

Power Generation

Electricity generation by means of coal or biomass-fired boilers require a continuous and reliable Material Handling System. AMECO Storage Systems are installed in coal and biomass (bagasse, woodchips, bark) stockyards in power plants worldwide.

AMECO can provide equipment to easily stock or transport all types of fuels : biomass, gypsum, coal. The most relevant solution is the portal reclaimer.


New reserves of fossil fuels are becoming increasingly harder to find. This has encouraged the power generation industry to look for alternative fuel. As a result, more and more power plants are being built that use biomass as their feedstock. Examples of such biomass products are:

  • Agricultural residues (e.g. corn stalks, sugarcane bagasse)
  • Herbaceous crops (e.g. miscanthus, bamboo)
  • Wood crops (e.g. eucalyptus, pine)
  • Forest residues (e.g. hardwood, softwood)

This portal reclaimer is is Portsmouth, NH, USA:

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AMECO portal reclaimer for woodchips in Portsmouth, NH, USA

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AMECO portal reclaimer for gypsum in Ghent, KY, USA


In coal-fired power plants equipped with flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems lime or limestone reacts with gaseous sulphur emissions to form calcium sulphate or calcium sulphite. This material is commonly referred to as synthetic gypsum.

It is used in Portland cement plants to replace the natural gypsum that has to be added to the final product to control the setting of the concrete. Before selling gypsum to the cement industry, power plants typically store this by-product in a storage facility for bulk material.


Many power plants still run on hard coal and lignite. These power stations employ strategic bulk material storage facilities, in which coal of different origins and diverse quality levels is temporarily stored.

In addition to equipment for these storage facilities, AMECO offers blending beds that homogenize the coal. This ensures that the product has a consistent quality, which in turn increases the efficiency of the power production process. AMECO also offers export solutions for handling coal.

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