Ports & Terminals Industry

Ports & Terminals

Sea Transportation of Bulk Materials is a major component of global trade, and ports require highly reliable and efficient material handling systems. AMECO’s cable-driven motored Shiploaders are failure-free, robust, and long lasting despite operating in extreme weathered environments.

Seaports and inland terminals are an important market for AMECO. The volume of world merchandise trade continues to grow. Faster trade expansion is being driven by stronger economic growth.

An expansion in iron ore, coal, and other major bulk products has been predicted. It is expected that these factors will drive the growth in seaborne trade and associated bulk handling services.

Our shiploaders can handle virtually any type of dry bulk material

For the ports and terminals industry, AMECO provides a complete range of travelling, slewing and/or luffing shiploading equipment that can be installed onto longitudinal jetties.

Some of our most frequently loaded materials are cement, coal, fertilizers, grain, and food commodities such as sugar.

For the food commodities market, AMECO takes into account the need for efficient dust control. As a result our shiploaders are equipped with dust suppression systems that provide optimal protection against dust explosions, in accordance with ATEX guidelines.

Shiploader urea

AMECO Shiploader for urea in Mesaieed, Qatar

Shiploader grain

Stackers and reclaimers for the storage of bulk materials

AMECO can also provide the stacker and/or reclaimer systems required for the storage of bulk materials in intermediate stockyards.