AMECO Group to deliver Portal Reclaimer for the largest Sulphur handling facility in Canada


AMECO Group partners with EPC Tri Innovations to deliver reclaimer in H1 2022 for the largest Sulphur handling facility in Canada

AMECO Group is proud to announce it will design and deliver a Portal Reclaimer for the largest Sulphur forming and handling facility in Canada. The deal was built upon a new partnership with Tri Innovations, a leading engineering firm based in Calgary, on behalf of one of the largest gas and oil operators in Canada.

The reclaimer from AMECO Group will have the following characteristics:

  • 2000 TPH rate reclaim rate to handle a 20,000-ton stockpile of prilled sulfur;
  • Hardened to withstand both extreme Northern Alberta temperatures and corrosive sulfur dust;
  • It comes with automation and remote-control features to help increase safety by minimizing on-site human intervention.

The reclaimer, along with the South Cheecham Sulphur Handling Facility (SCSHF), is scheduled to begin operations in the first half of 2022.

3D rendering of future SCSH Portal Reclaimer

The Power of Know-How in action

Before the signing of the deal, AMECO Group provided to a joint team of technical experts from Tri Innovations and the end customer the ultimate case study experience – an on-site visit at the location of one of our existing reclaimer operators including:

  • a tour of the actual machine in operation
  • a know-how sharing session with the team operating the machine

You can read a write-up about this #powerofknowhow service  on our LinkedIn page as well as watch the behind-the-scenes videos on our YouTube channel.

Growing despite COVID-19

‘I am very excited that our first collaboration with Tri Innovations and Keyera has led to such a successful outcome. This deal highlights how well our teams – from sales and marketing to engineering and project management – can get things done as well as the momentum our company has despite challenges due to COVID-19’, Stephane Killian, AMECO Group, CEO.


About AMECO Group

AMECO Group ( designs and builds custom bulk handling equipment for demanding customers around the world. Since 1932, AMECO Group has offered a full line of stackers, reclaimers, shiploaders, and blending systems for handling all types of bulk materials. Our teams design the machines according to the specifications of each customer and manage the manufacturing, testing, on-site assembly, and commissioning.

Throughout the life of the machine, AMECO Group provides high-quality spare parts as well as expert maintenance support, either remotely or directly on site.

AMECO Group has more than 400 references spanning every continent in the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Cement, and Power Generation industries, as well as Shiploaders in major ports and harbors worldwide.



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