AMECO Group COVID-19 Response: Keeping You Safe


In our previous COVID-19 related blog post, we shared the first steps we took to protect our employees making a concerted effort to fight the spread of the virus worldwide.

In this post, we are sharing resources to keep you safe – providing reliable and 24/7 access to information about products to our prospects and helping our customers’ existing machines continue to safely run as well.


1.  Learn about our products and services – remotely – from your shelter in place:


2. Keep your people safe 

We love nothing more than meeting our customers and prospects face-to-face and bringing prospects to see machines rather than showing them Powerpoint presentation. While we wait patiently for travel restrictions to be lifted, here is how our customers and prospects can get the safest experience when interacting with AMECO Group.

Our people are there for you – safely working from home – and can be reached via email, phone or videoconference

  • We highly encourage you to contact your sales and support contacts if you have any questions. They all have moved to remote work and continue to be available to answer your questions.
  • Prior to the outbreak, AMECO Group had moved its communication platform to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams video conference platform, which is compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms. You might see children or pets in the video but that’s the world we live in now!

Our digital touchpoints are here for our existing customers and new prospects interested in AMECO Group’s products and services:


3. Keep your machines safe thanks to our emergency spare parts kit

Like all of us, AMECO Group is learning in real-time how to keep our business running in light of current events.

What we do know is how to keep your stackers, reclaimers and circular stockyards safe – our knowledge is built upon 87 years of experience and feedback from 380+ machines currently in service around the world, some of them running smoothly for more 40 years.

Being safe starts by having a comprehensive emergency spare parts kit always available on-site. Do not wait for a problem to happen as business continuity is more important than ever in the current climate. 

You can learn more about which 4 types of spare parts we recommend you need to have and the 3 reasons why sourcing them from AMECO Group are the safest way to create your emergency spare parts kits in our article about the 7 ways to improve performance of stackers and reclaimers, extend their lifetime and avoid downtimes

Our dedicated spare parts sales team is standing by ready to take your order and deliver the custom spare parts to your site.