COVID-19: Impact on AMECO Group’s people, projects and processes


AMECO Group is committed to protecting its employees & making a concerted effort to fight the spread of the virus worldwide.

Our teams in France, Germany and in the rest of the world are doing their best to limit exposure and handle the impact of lockdowns among others.

Our sales and support teams have moved to remote work and continue to be available to answer your questions.

We are suspending non-critical business travel and have also canceled our participation in several events globally to reduce the risk that anyone at AMECO Group might contract or inadvertently spread the virus.

Inspections at site and supervision of assembly/commissioning are currently suspended. Guidance to ensure the continuation of the assembly will be provided remotely.

We do highly recommend to reach out as soon as possible if you require our bulk-handling expertise so we can work together to minimize disruptions from current events.

We want to thank our people, partners, and customers for their patience and understanding.