A look back: AMECO sponsoring of Utopia House art project to foster local community youth and power of know-how



In these challenging times, AMECO Group would like to share and reminisce about a great initiative that had served our local community and where meaningful connections have been made, in a shared physical space, to empower the next generation of leaders and do-ers, teaching them the art of research and experimentation in order to construct a transformational tool. 

AMECO has been a sponsor of the Utopia House art project from its start in January 2016 to its completion in Autumn 2019 (see our first post). The project from artist Jan Kopp is more than an art piece commissioned to celebrate an idea – it is a project born from listening to and collaborating with others – like how AMECO Group delivers what our customers need to make their bulk handling projects become reality and keep their stackers, reclaimers and circular stockyards on running for long periods of time.

The initial plan was to rehabilitate a decrepit home of high school students. Listening to them, the artist realized that the desire to escape was at least as strong as the demand for a new place to socialize. To this message, he replied with Utopia House, a habitable sculpture that is both a boat and a dwelling. Built collectively by pooling know-how, the work then sailed for several weeks from Mulhouse to Lyon, round trip. Erected provisionally, it will host workshops and meetings related to the exhibition.

We look forward to times where we all can recreate these experiences again. In the meantime, you can learn more about our plan to keep our customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic here and the Utopia House project: