AMECO takes part in sponsoring Utopia House Project in Mulhouse


construction cernay

AMECO is proud to be a sponsor of the Utopia House Project in Mulhouse, which started in Autumn of 2016 and will be completed in 2019.

Utopia House is a sculptural masterpiece, created by Jan Kopp for and with the students of St Joseph de Cluny High School.

The ultimate goal is to build a recreational room for the students of St Joseph de Cluny High School, through the construction of a wooden, Alsatian designed boat. Various workshops have been carried out at La Kunsthalle in Mulhouse, teaching students the art of research and experimentation in order to construct the boat.

The boat has already gone through numerous buoyancy tests and is currently in the construction phase to be fit for a 417 km journey along the Rhone-Rhine canal. Utopia House will be navigated by the students of St. Joseph de Cluny High School and become part of Jan Kopp’s solo exposition at the Foundation Bullukian in May of this year in Lyon.

Utopia House will then be on display at La Kunsthalle in Mulhouse, to be turned upside-down and become the roof of their future recreational hall.

AMECO is proud to be investing in the education of Alsace’s future generation, contributing to safeguarding the future of our youth in such a rewarding project.

Photo: Chantier-ecole au Lycée des métiers du BPT Gustave Eiffel de Cernay, Avril 2018 © Jan Kopp