How AMECO shiploader solution reduced Port of Suape loading times by 60%


How AMECO shiploader solution reduces Port of Suape loading times by 60%


The Customer’s Problem

To answer the strong demand for refined sugar from the Northeastern area of Brazil, the Port of Suape was planning to build a new sugar terminal to attract larger ships for cargo transport of 500,000 tonnes of refined sugar per year.

Suape had earmarked $29M annually to build the terminal to expand and streamline sugar transport at the port. Part of the strategic plan was to allow the terminal to handle sugar in bulk, bagged form, and other raw materials shortly. 

The challenge was to ensure that their terminal shiploader could scale and deliver reliable performance while offering maximum flexibility in handling bulk types from bulk to bags in a hybrid mode. 


The AMECO Solution

By their very nature, AMECO’s shiploader solutions (TSL) are designed and built to handle massive amounts of bulk material for ships up to 100,000 dwt with  :

  • Maximum precision and safety thanks to the operating mode that combines human know-how and sensor-based automation
  • Advanced low dust and noise emission control
  • Low OPEX and easy access thanks to the maintenance-friendly design.

In Port of Suape’s case, the solution was to design a custom hybrid loading arm to support two descending chutes: cascade chute or telescopic pipe. 


Additionally, AMECO Group offered Port of Suape our unique value proposition that the competition could not match, built upon AMECO’s rich set of real-life operational data:


AMECO’s hybrid shiploader has been a vital part of this project, reducing the time for loading ships from 15 days to 6 days.












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  • Fertilizers
  •  - Ports


  • Urea

Capacity (Ton per Hour)

  • 2000+


  • Shiploading

Storage Configuration

  • Longitudinal
  •  - Outdoor


Product type

Shiploader (TSL)

Chute type

Spiral bag & Telescopic pipe

Loading rate (bulk)

2200 t/hour

Loading rate (bag)

2500 bags/hour

Arm length

23 meters


325 tons