Circular stacker reclaimer (CSS) for Woodchips at Kanchanaburi, Thailand


Circular stacker reclaimer woodchips Siam Cellulose Thailand

In late 2014, AMECO delivered a circular stacker reclaimer to Siam Cellulose Co., Ltd’s pulp mill in Wangsala, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. This is a remarkable piece of equipment, especially with regards to its size.

The capacity of the woodchip stockpile is 150 000 m3, with a pile diameter of 120 m. The machine stacks the woodchips onto this pile at a rate of 300 TPH and recovers the material from the pile at a rate of 125 TPH. These figures make the machine currently one of the largest overpile stacker-reclaimers in the world in terms of pile capacity.

Reclaiming capacity: 125 ton/h
Stacking capacity: 300 ton/h
Reclaimer arm length: 56 200 mm
Capacity of the pile: 150 000 m3

End customer : SCG Paper
Material handled : Woodchips
Industry : Pulp & paper