AMECO Group revamping service extends life of shiploader for a leading cement producer


Now more than ever extending the lifetime of equipment is becoming critical to best handle material price fluctuations while ensuring business continuity.

This is where relying on the expertise from AMECO Group which has delivered 380+ material handling machines worldwide with some of them still in continuous operations for 30+ years is key.

Recently AMECO Group delivered a complex revamping service by completing the successful refurbishment of a slewing ring used on a shiploader. AMECO Group had delivered the shiploader in 1997, for Nuh Çimento Grubu, one of the largest cement and clinker producers in Europe with a capacity of 5.7 Mt/year and a clinker capacity of 4.4 Mt/year. Nuh Cimento is one of the most innovative-thinking cement producers with a storied history of innovation dedicated to improving the performance of their operations.

Nuh Cimento fully leveraged the 3 core pillars of AMECO Group value proposition to handle the revamping of its shiploader:

  1. Sourcing & manufacturing of high-quality spare parts by providing a new and improved sewing ring custom-made for the shiploader,
  2. End-to-end partnership: Many can make a shiploader or a part but AMECO Group handled logistics with revamping experts supervising the manufacturing and Q&A all the way to delivery to the customer’s location
  3. Onsite expertise to augment their team:  Our supervision engineers are trained and experienced in all mechanical and electrical aspects and can provide complete refurbishments, preventive maintenance, and repairs.

                                                                                                          The new slewing ring being installed


Result: In 11 days the lifetime of the original slewing ring was increased by 30 years making for a very happy customer!


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