The only thing Holcim USA is NOT worried about

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AMECO Group blending storage solution delivering reliable performance to Holcim 24/7/365



Customer’s Problem

Reducing dust emissions for the immediate environment while ensuring the profitability and viability of the plant is a constant worry for cement manufacturers like Holcim USA.

Moreover, any equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime can disrupt production schedules and cause delays, which with many cement players in the market, can mean immediate business consequences such as lost market share.

Holcim USA thus had been looking for solutions where low OPEX meets 24/7/365 reliabiikty to stack and reclaim limestone.


The AMECO Solution

AMECO Group’s blending solution for the cement industry offered Holcim a unique value proposition that the competition could not match: 99.9%+ uptime and high performance.


This value proposition is built upon AMECO’s rich set of real-life operational data.

Key Achievements

Michael Smith – Site Engineer, Holcim USA





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  • Cement


  • Limestone

Capacity (Ton per Hour)

  • 1-350


  • Reclaiming
  •  - Stacking
  •  - Stockyard Management
  •  - Blending

Storage Configuration

  • Circular
  •  - Indoor


  • Supervision & Commissioning


Product type

Circular Bed Blending Storage

Reclaiming rate

635 t/hour

Stacking rate

450 t/hour

Boom length

25.5 meters


100 tons