Maximum reclaiming performance in a compact space for Nutrien

United States

High performance & robustness in a compact space


The Customer’s Problem

Limited storage space for inventory can be a huge issue in any business. Simply because the amount of space you have available to you is limited does not mean that you cannot expertly handle those bulk materials effectively.

Nutrien was having this issue as it had first built a warehouse to handle urea manually using dozers. It soon realized that dozers are inefficient, less safe, and more costly to operate. Automated reclaimers were considered, but they were initially concerned that fitting a reclaimer into the existing warehouse would take too much space thus severely limiting the amount of product handled.


The AMECO Solution

By their very nature, AMECO’s reclaimer systems (PSx) are designed and built to handle massive amounts of material in a straight line. In Nutrien’s case, the solution was to deliver the same output by leveraging our Portal Reclaimer system (PSx) articulated arm. Thanks to the strong partnership the company has had with AMECO for 40+ years, Nutrien was confident in our solution and made the call to build out a deeper V-shaped storage area. This way the reclaimer can handle more material without having to tear down the warehouse and rebuild a new one, both a costly and lengthy endeavor.

Articulated Arm from an AMECO PS2 system


Additionally, AMECO Group offered Nutrien our unique value proposition that the competition could not match:

  • Made of high-quality steel for optimal robustness
  • Built by a well-trained workforce 
  • Improved the volume of material output by avoiding random variability of using dozers

This value proposition is built upon AMECO’s rich set of real-life operational data

Key Metrics

  • 26 meters arms
  • 152 tons
  • 420TPH for reclaiming
  • 18 hours a day
  • 99.9% uptime outside of planned maintenance


Our customer says that the machine’s only limit is how much material they can feed our reclaimer!




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  • Fertilizers


  • Urea

Capacity (Ton per Hour)

  • 350-1000


  • Reclaiming

Storage Configuration

  • Indoor
  •  - Longitudinal


Product type

Dual-Boom Portal Reclaimer (PS2)

Loading rate

420 t/hour

Arm length

26 meters


152 tons