Q&A with Conrad Behrman, AMECO Group Sales Director APAC


Q&A with Conrad Behrman, AMECO Group Sales Director APAC


With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queens University in Kingston, Canada,  Conrad Behrman has worked primarily with engineering consulting firms to design facilities for clients in the Oil & Gas, Mining, and AgroChem industries. His experiences in engineering and managing projects and business development give him a unique understanding of both the technical and commercial needs of our bulk-handling customers. Conrad joined AMECO Group in Q1 2020, right at the start of COVID-19 global spread.

How did you become involved in the bulk and material handling space?

While designing a Sulphur forming facility for a client, I was tasked with designing the stockpile and conveyance systems. I had no idea at the time that this would eventually lead me to become “The Conveyor Guy” at my firm. I didn’t complain! To be honest, I was captivated by Portal Reclaimers and shiploaders. For a mech guy like me, it’s the classic sort of mechanical machinery I was fascinated with as a child.

You joined AMECO Group right as COVID-19 was spreading around the world. Tell us how did you manage your onboarding at AMECO?

It was a big challenge, as it happens right as I was about to finalize my move to Kuala Lumpur from Canada. I had to delay my arrival and started working in Canada. During the time I had planned to travel and build relationships in the region, I used to get more familiar with the AMECO team and product line as well to contribute to the rollout of our new CRM. And since everyone was working from home, it was easier in a way to schedule calls with prospects over Teams and Zoom.

What has been the most interesting AMECO client visit so far?

Pre-lockdown I’ve enjoyed visiting our customers on the island of Borneo and seeing some incredible natural beauty along the way.

What do you think the most common misconceptions about a company like AMECO Group, a company founded in 1932 in France and headquartered in Germany, being active in APAC?  

Unlike AMECO Group, many companies from other regions want just to dip in their toe in APAC, only to retreat a few years later or think that solely relying on just having X years of experience is enough to win.

Experience is great, but what matters most is wisdom combined with building trusted relationships with EPCs, delivering long-term value to end customers, and focusing on manufacturing robust products we know best better than trying to do everything. This combination is what we call the #powerofknowhow. AMECO has been supplying customers in the region with new machines and parts since the 1960s, so we are not new to the area. 80 years later, we are still here.

In 2020, despite the early signs of the pandemic, AMECO Group did not retreat and doubled down our APAC presence to even better support our existing clients and serve new ones. We can all agree that we value more those that stay with us during these times than those who retreated because their business models afforded them no patience.

We are not standing still – Our vision is to stay true to our pioneering spirit by onboarding a new generation of bulk handling talent thanks to our new Technical Academy. We are also continuing to invest in our #powerofknowhow capabilities by offering predictive maintenance services while continuing to deliver high-performance, fit-for-purpose machines.

I am very excited about what comes next and build more lasting relationships across the region and learn from our customers and stakeholders!